More About Me

Abby Santos

Being a Real Estate Broker, to me, is just perfect. I love the opportunity to help people in a way that is important. It's meaningful work to put my abilities toward helping other family's in the area. I want every relationship I build with a client to last a lifetime. Once I listen to your needs I will go to work devising a strategy that will put those needs on a straight course for success. Abby Santos Associate Broker Bachelor of Economics Master of Arts, International Studies The Henry M. Jackson School Of International Studies A fun-loving Realtor

About Abby Santos

Born in Washington and raised on the Olympic Peninsula, Abby attended the University of Washington. While there, she happily marched around the field with a saxophone in the Husky Marching Band. "Being in the marching band really taught me the importance of being a member of a team," Abby says. "When a group of people work together well, the results are remarkable. Abby topped her Economics degree at the UW with a Master's Degree. Her education took her far & wide - from Beijing University in China to London University and many cities in between. The most valuable lessons she learned were outside the classroom and away from the lectures. She also learned that happiness starts at home. After all her travels she landed right back in the Pacific Northwest. In all the culture's Abby learned how to listen carefully to people and the value of clearly understanding their needs. You'll find out quickly that Abby won't assume anything. Just fill out a buyer or seller questionnaire and find out for yourself!! Whether buying or selling Abby has a special plan that will bring you home!

My Family

My Husband, Joe, and I have lived in Auburn for our whole life together (since 1990). We have two children, Joey and Kacie. We love the area and are surrounded by family and friends and can't imagine leaving here - except to just get closer to Puget Sound and the salt water! Joe helps me with our Real Estate Business and some property investments. We are very active in the local real estate community and understand what it takes to make a good investment. Our experience will help you make good decisions too! You can always count on the straight truth from us.

Things I love to Do

I love spending time with family and friends at home and at Harstine Island. I love being out on the water and I am particularly fond of our dog, Elvis and our cat, Frank. I get carried away at my kids sporting events and activities. I am professional, but casual... I would prefer REI over Gucci...for sure! I'm sure my husband would have more to offer about me, but he doesn't get to!! :)